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How it works

Duck on the Run brings together two groups of people with aligned interests: Families looking to improve maths skills by leveraging the most recent scientific research; and researchers looking for a data set to create and test insights on how we acquire and use numerical skills. At its heart, Duck on the Run is a game that is engaging and based on the four core pillars of learning. Children and adults alike must use their maths skills to save Duck from a pig who wants his tail feathers for a pillow. This gameplay populates a dataset that researchers can leverage for research in the field of numerical cognition. By connecting big data from the gaming world with cutting edge academic research, Duck on the Run creates a unique alliance enabling learning excellence. This platform is constantly evolving, building the child’s learning, with contributions from cutting edge research. The first release of Duck on the Run has been developed with the guidance of Dr Silke Göbel, Director of the MSc Course in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience at York University.

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Use your maths skills to save Duck from Pig, who wants his feathers for a pillow. Ask your parents for extra lives once you complete your homework.

Encourage your child to focus on clear maths learning goals: speed, accuracy, or time. Ability to set targets and track progress. Privacy by default and design provides peace of mind.

Reach an international audience for study recruitment, and access to a large data set. Capture specific data points for your studies by releasing custom mini games for greater control and fast adaptation of study design.

About Us

Daticient SARL was founded in 2013 by Monica McDonnell as a consultancy to help organisations understand how they can get value from their data in the most efficient way possible. Monica has 20+ years in working as a consultant to large enterprises in various stages of digital transformation and data management. Many organisations are gathering as much data as they can through digitizing business process and leveraging data individuals create in their daily lives. However, academic research - where many fields rely on data to prove theories and discover insights - have not yet benefited as much from the increasing amounts of data. In 2017 Monica embarked on a journey to help academic researchers, underserved by the digital transformation, benefit in the same way as for-profit industries. The concept behind Duck on the Run is to leverage the high distribution of personal mobile devices to enable people to easily contribute to research by participating in scientific studies.

Duck on the Run has been launched to serve two purposes:

  • Help academics digitize scientific studies and broaden the audience for study recruitment.
  • Allow individuals to contribute to and benefit from academic studies in an enjoyable manner in the comfort of their own homes.

Numeracy was chosen as a first subject area in part due to Monica's love of maths, and in part due to the built-in logic of maths that makes the subject a natural choice for digitization.

Let us keep you informed of game news and insights into numerical cognition research.

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