Main Game

Use your maths skills to save Duck from Pig, who wants his feathers for a pillow.

Select this icon to play Duck on the Run with the aim of progressing to a higher level. Duck must outrun Pig before the next level is unlocked.

Challenge mode allows you to set a high score for the level chosen – see how long you can keep Duck away from Pig.

Answer the questions presented. Questions will vary based on your current level.

Use the keypad to enter your answers. Don’t forget to confirm the entry with the check mark. Delete any incorrect answers before entering a new one

You can select an active entry field by touching it.

In standard mode, the timer will count down how long until Duck will be safe.
In challenge mode, it will show how long Duck has been running for.

The energy bar shows how much time is left before a question must be answered or a life lost

Life indicator shows how many lives are left.

Deterrents will give you an extra life by distracting Pig.

Duck’s Path to Paradise

Fill in the missing entries in the sequence in order to help Duck cross the bridge.

Use the keypad to enter numbers, or drag the shapes to fill in the gaps in the bridge. This will allow Duck to cross to meet Red Hen and Pig on the other side. (It turns out Pig and Duck are friends after all)

Duck and Red Hen’s Bridge

Use your multiplication tables to choose the correct bricks to complete the bridge, so Duck and Red Hen can cross the ravine.

Please see in-game tutorial.

Perilous Paving

Help Duck navigate across the perilous paving stones by selecting a pathway that consists of solid squares.

Solid squares can be identified by those whose answers equaling the number in the header.

Duck can only move one square at a time, and cannot move diagonally.

There may be false trails. In this case Duck will have to retrace her steps before she can pick up the correct trail.

Shape Shifters

Make an exact copy of the drawing Red Hen has made.

Use the paint brushes to replicate colours. Paint over a colour if you have made a mistake.

Use the pen to draw lines. This can be done by dragging your finger along a path, or by touching start and end points.

The eraser will remove unwanted lines.

Click the button once you are done. In higher levels you will be asked to place the axis of symmetry.

The axis of symmetry can be moved with a single finger, and rotated with two fingers.

Which is the Number

Aimed at 6 – 7 year olds, this mini game tests number recognition skills.

Please listen to in-game instructions given by Duck.
This game has been included at the request of Dr Silke Göbel at York University. Read why number recognition is important in this blog.

Teach Red Hen

Red Hen isn’t very bright, and needs help to work out basic maths problems by counting feathers.

Please see in-game tutorial for details.

Parent's Area

Manage child accounts, access the reward centre, and all levels of game play.

The parents area is only accessible after registration.

Use this icon to enter the parents area from the ‘Select User’ screen.  You will need your original password you entered at registration.

Add profiles for up to four children.  Having their own profile will ensure they play and advance according to their capabilities.  They should try the highest unlocked level to start with.  Level 1 is aimed at under 3s. Each child can have their own ‘fan club’.  That is friends and relatives they can share their achievements with via email and SMS.  (All communication is one-way.)

Use challenges to encourage your children to play the game to improve their maths skills.  You can select to give physical rewards for in-game achievements, or in-game rewards for homework completed.

Access the games to play as an adult.  All game levels are unlocked.

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